The five Arctic Monkey facts to tell your mates

The band that rocked the UK with their ground breaking single ‘I bet you look good on the dance floor’ is set to blow the roof off the 3 Arena this September 24th and 25th. There’s been a lot of excitement in our office about the new album, especially after the success of AM, so we’ve been trying to decide what our favourite Monkeys’ facts are. Tell us what YOU think by replying to this email with your fact. Here goes:

5.) Radiohead vs Arctic Monkeys

Lots of people may know this one but you may be surprised that these two bands have a real dislike for each other. In fact, Them Yorke, in an NME interview in 2006, criticised the music industry by saying “The fact that poor Arctic Monkeys are getting so much attention is purely based on the fact that the mainstream music business is such a bunch of f***ing retards as far as I’m concerned”. It didn’t take long for drummer Matt Helders to hit back saying he ‘almost fell asleep at the wheel’ listening to Radiohead’s latest album. The fact that Arctic Monkeys are still here, and absolutely huge, 12 years later must grind a bit for Yorke.

4.) The secret Tiler

Something we all love about the group is their disregard for the ostentations of the music industry; none more the Jamie Cook. Cook worked as a tiler in London, preferring the rates of the metropolis to his Sheffield hometown. Even after securing success following the bands explosion across MySpace and online file sharing sites Jamie would make his living tiling bathrooms and kitchens, going as far as to fly home to finish a job after the bands debut tour of the states. Life lesson from an Arctic Monkey: keep grounded 🙂

3.) Alex Turner and Facebook

As we mentioned earlier, the Arctic Monkeys exploded to fame being named the first of the MySpace Generation, the artists being discovered due to their Social Media fame, but did you know that they never used MySpace themselves? They weren’t even in control of the account! To this day, Alex Turner claims he’s never had a Facebook profile and isn’t sure he’s ever even seen the site.

2.) The Packhorse FC right back

Another for Jamie Cook, the bands most outspoken member. Jamie can still be found playing for his local football club Packhorse F.C. as a right back. The fatigue of tour takes its toll and Jamie likes to chill-out when he’s off with some footy! As you can imagine, the team draws quite a crowd these days now thanks to the Monkey on the pitch. According to fans, he’s as good on the pitch as he is on stage 😛

1.) Step 1: form a band, Step 2: learn an instrument

This is by far the coolest story we’ve ever heard regarding this amazing group. The group decided to be a band before they even knew how to play music. Let’s elaborate a little; Alex Turner and Jamie Cook received guitars for Christmas back before 2005 and decided to play as a band and so Matt Helders was forced to learn the drums as ‘the others’ were already playing guitar’. Friends from 7 years old this gang of mates are truly outstanding musicians now; you can see the development of their skill as you listen to the fluency of the guitar solos that Cook leans into as Turners melodies and lyrics become more diverse and complex with every album.

So if you’re wondering if your lack of musical talent is whats holding you back have a look around at the people around you. You could be the next Arctic Monkeys if you put your mind to it!

Like our facts? Have some of your own? Feel free to email us your Arctic Monkeys stories at [email protected] to be in with the chance at 2 free seats up to the gig at the 3 Arena where they’ll be smashing out their latest album “Tranquil Base Hotel & Casino”. Can’t wait to be there!

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James Cook playing football for Packhorse FC
James Cook playing football for Packhorse FC