Save money when you buy 10, 15 or 20 tickets!

Travel Master are currently offering an amazing deal! Right now if you buy:

10 bus seats, you get 1 free 

15 bus seats, you get 2 free

20 bus seats, and you get 3 free

To receive your discount, simply contact us letting us know what concert you are attending and how many tickets you will be purchasing. We will then provide you with a Gift Code to be used at checkout. Email us at or head over to our contact page here

Contact us to recieve your GiftCode
TravelMaster - Concert Travel

Want to bring a whole group to an event? We make group booking simple with online payment, you can be confident that you and your group will all get to the concert, festival or sporting event safely and at the best price! Any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

Want to book a private bus to a concert?

Would you like to book a private coach to an event or concert for just you and your friends but don’t want to pay the full amount upfront yourself in one lump sum? TravelMaster make it incredibly simple for your friends to buy their own individual bus seats online for your private bus! It removes all the hassle for you as you will not be responsible for collecting your friends’ money or organising all the tickets. How does it work? Follow our simple steps below:

Step One

Firstly, determine how many of your friends are intending to travel to the event with you.

Step Two

Secondly, contact us here at TravelMaster to inform us that you wish to book one of our coaches for private use. Please let us know which concert you are attending and how many of your friends will be travelling with you. We will then determine what size coach will be needed for your requirements. Click here to contact us.


Step Three

Thirdly, TravelMaster will email you a custom URL address and a unique password to enable secure and private booking for you and your friends. The public will not be able to access this booking page; only those with the unique URL and password can buy tickets to travel on your private coach.

Step Four

Next, share the URL link and password to your friends so they can book their own seats on your private coach.

Step Five

Upon purchasing a ticket, you and your friends will each receive an email confirmation with a unique reference number. Please remind each of your friends to print their individual receipts in order to present them to the coach driver at the pick-up point on the day of the event. Alternatively, save the email confirmation to your smartphone and show it to the driver on collection.